We Are Storytellers

We Are Studio Cantero

Studio Cantero is a Manila-based creative hub that takes your story and brings it closer to your audience. Under the direction of Herringbone Creatives, Inc., this diverse team of creatives covers everything from photography, to video production, to content strategy. The Studio specializes in content creation and development, ensuring that your narrative gets told across all channels. Sharing your brand story is part of our DNA.

How We Work

At Studio Cantero, we recognize that each and every project has different requirements. While some require small teams, others may need a more robust production to create the final output. Whatever the ask, we build our team based off of what you need, and customize our team to fit your requirements. This way, we ensure that our team is properly geared to handle your project.


Our Story

Studio Cantero sprang from the mind of one Gabby Cantero, photographer and food lover. What started out as a humble, one-woman team slowly grew to house an impressive lineup of talented individuals, expanding its creative capabilities. Now Studio Cantero can deliver a wide array of services to our clients using a more holistic approach for your brand.

The Process

We aim to create synergy with its clients every step of the way. Through collective brainstorming and consistent feedback sessions, we ensure that your brand is present in everything we deliver by including you in the process. This collaborative approach allows us to get to know your brand better and develop a more holistic strategy in telling your story

Our Spectrum of Work

Here at Studio Cantero, we do not limit ourselves to the kinds of work we produce. Through specializing primarily in food photography, we have worked we clients from multiple industries -- clothing, cosmetics, education, and many more. We also work with different mediums, whether it be photography or video production, to curate the right delivery for your audience.

Contact Us

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Email: studiocantero@gmail.com
Instagram: @studiocantero
Facebook: fb.com/studiocantero