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Gabby Cantero’s visual signature has always been clean, crisp, with a brilliant use of texture, color, and temperature. The start of her career saw her taking stunning portraits seen across a vast array of magazines and national broadsheets. But her love for food, which includes a year of studying culinary arts, would lead her to a focus on food photography. Her passion and her technical knowledge, whether in food or in taking photos, have been key in consistently elevating the quality of her work. 

In 2016, Cantero expanded her repertoire to commercial directing, with her current affiliations being Proletariat Media and Industria Productions. Her vision is behind some of the most eye-catching digital and television campaigns for brands like Dove, Milo, Magnolia, Pizza Hut, and Axe. The extent of her work caught the eye of Sony, who invited her to be one of their ambassadors in 2017.

It only takes a few dedicated individuals to make anything happen

The studio has been slowly gaining more international clients and Cantero knew she could not do this alone. She mentioned in one of her workshops that she was looking for people to join her team. From the slew of emails she got, one stood out the most. Mikee Fernando first came in to learn more about food photography but as the two worked more together, they realized they made a good team. Since the addition of Fernando to the studio, Cantero has been more confident in taking on bigger and more meaningful projects. 

Mikee Fernando has always been involved in the creative scene, whether it be through production, photography, or graphic design. With a keen eye, his distinct style translates into vivid visuals. Half a decade’s worth of experience working in marketing and advertising has given him his edge as well, as he delved into product and food photography for various brands as well as travel and street photography on the side. Always hungry to keep developing himself, he’s kept a wide array of skills that range from account and production management, to visual production, with high quality output. 

Brand Storytelling & Creative Problem Solving

Moving forward

Like life, everything must keep on moving. Studio Cantero since the rebrand in 2018 has been growing into a content hub that focuses on what they do best which is Brand Storytelling

The studio's manifesto is and has been, “As creative problem solvers, we must actively listen beyond simply hearing what is being asked of us”  - Steve Hurd + Josh Wills, Consume & Create


Studio Cantero offers a full range of services. These include but are not limited to food and product photography, commercial directing, workshops, talks and creative consultancy. Along with the growth of  the brand, the studio now offers project management and menu design & layout.

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