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Client: Kasama Rum | Local Agency: Serious Studio

Services Provided: Photography | Shoot Management | Prop Styling

The studio was approached by Serious Studio to bid for a new rum brand that they did branding for. It was exciting for us for two things; first, it was a new international brand, second, we love working with design studios. The brief was simple, it was to shoot the product-centric aspect of the campaign. We got lucky or maybe it was fate that this project was awarded to us.

The brand identity was fresh and tropical. The creative direction they had envisioned fit right in the studio's ever growing look and style. Our services for this project included photography, shoot management & prop styling. The team was headed by Gabby Cantero, kept together by Mikee Fernando and made classy & beautiful by Chichi Tullao's prop styling. 

The shoot went well with a few minor hiccups (no shoot is ever perfect, friends!) that was easily fixed by the Serious Studio team & Mikee. We could not be happier with the results and with the vibrant energy that the photography team had that day. 

There is nothing like working with a great team

We always learn something from all of our shoots. In this project, we fortify that a team that supports each other makes a good working environment. Opinions and comments were taken openly and with consideration to be able to produce the best possible outcome. And we did. 

It was a pleasure working on this project with you, Serious Studio & Kasama Rum. We look forward to seeing your brand bloom.

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