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Client: Patrón Tequila | Regional Agency: OML | Local Agency: AnyMind Philippines
Services Provided: Project Management, Video Production & Post-production

The brief was simple, it was to tell the story of bartender, Jason Ali, who was to represent Southeast Asia at the Patron Perfectionist 2020 competition. 

But let’s get into the details. First, the deliverables: 1 x 9-10 mins short film, 4 x 2-3 mins chapter breakdowns from the main video, 4 x 60s edit down of the chapters & finally, 4 x 15s edit down of the 60s. Let’s discuss the timeline, three shooting days & 3 weeks for post-production. For some this would have been daunting to read but the studio took in the job. The project was headed by Mikee Fernando and I; we were confident that we could deliver this and provide the best work possible and with some good client service too. 

Like life, nothing ever comes that simple. Let’s break down the scenario. The shoot was to take place at Manila’s metropolitan places—Makati & BGC and scheduled at December 2019. If you’re not from here, Christmas season is big in the Philippines, it starts in September even, and gets more hectic come the actual holidays. Logistics was a big feat in fixing a three-day shoot at the height of the holiday season in Manila. We hoped that traffic would be kind to us during those shooting days—it was on some days but it was also terrible on one of them. Getting from one place to the other and setting up quickly on each location was not easy but we made it through. We were happy with the story that was coming about and we were excited to go into post-production. Did we mention that at some point during the shoot, there was a super typhoon and that most work was cancelled for that day? No? Well, yes that happened. But you know, in production, rain or shine, the show must go on. 

Post-production was a totally different task to take on. It was hours of footage to sort and organise. This was when it took its toll on the whole team. The pressure of meeting the deadline, making great work & telling Jason’s story was deeply felt. We went through three editors & a ton of mishaps here and there. This was the part where Mikee & I realised how much more we could push ourselves but also maybe too much because at some point we both alternately got sick—bedridden sick to that. But the dedication to the project kept on—just pushed harder to do the job well. We finally passed the final materials albeit, slightly delayed to the deadline. As creatives, you’re never really happy enough with the final output. But, when we saw how well it was received, we realised, we did a pretty good job after all. 

We learned from Jason and we learned as a team. 

We never stop learning

The project taught us many lessons. All we will take to heart to make work here on out even better. 

It was a pleasure telling your story, Jason. We had a good team in all aspects of the production, agency & client spectrum that supported us at each step of the way. Thank you again for trusting us with this project.

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